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Insteon Hub Subscription - Cancellation Options?

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    Insteon Hub Subscription - Cancellation Options?

    Looking at the Insteon Hub Webservice subscription options I don't see the option to purchase a "non-auto-renewing" subscription. Given the myriad of issues I'm seeing in the forum and the fact I don't want to be locked into an auto-renewing subscription, will there ever be an option to purchase a single non-renewing subscription at some point?

    Am I missing something? Is there a way to cancel this auto-renewing subscription once purchased, or would I need to have my credit card company refuse the charges?

    There should be an option for no auto renew. I do suspect it will get a lot better now that a new team is taking charge.


      I don’t see this option


        You people are as dishonest as the day is long. Anything to get someone to sign up for your insteon subscription to keep the mobile app working.

        I have experienced (on multiple occasions) incidents where all my lights that are known (but not controlled) by my insteon hub are turned on for no reason. This, I blame you for doing.

        You’re a dishonest company, and I won’t be using the hub in anyway going forward.

        Congratulations, you lost a customer. I will be sure to update the forum with my latest experience.


        You’re an awful company to deal with.


          Hey there! It’s great that you’re getting into the Insteon Hub Webservice subscription options, and I completely understand your concerns about auto-renew subscriptions. It’s always good to have control over your choices, right?

          As of now, there doesn't seem to be an option for "non-auto-renew" subscriptions, and that's a valid point you made. It could be that this is something that service providers are actively considering due to user feedback and preferences. and it's

          If you want to cancel automatic renewal subscriptions, some platforms allow you to manage these settings in your account. It may be worth contacting their customer support or checking their FAQ section for guidance on this.

          Your insights and thoughtful questions make a difference. It’s awesome to see users like you get involved and advocate for clearer subscription options. Shine a light on the things that matter to you!
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