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Synchronising DIN Rail inputs

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    Synchronising DIN Rail inputs

    Can you help please with a pointer to the instructions or information on how I can achieve the following.

    I have a DIN RAIL ON/OFF module fitted in my network. It operates two water circulation pumps on my central heating.

    The module is switched on by the application of Live signal on to the Sense 1 input - comes from the heating unit to switch ON the pump
    The module can also be switched on by an Insteon Mini Remote set as controller. The DIN Module is set as a responder. That allows me to switch on the pumps independently when I just use a seperate wood burn stove

    My problem is that they are not synchronised.
    If the Module is on by reason of the controller switch, then application of live on the S1 input switches the device off and vice versa.

    I need the DIN rail module to recognise ON signal from ON/OFF switch only as ON and not to change the state of the DIN MODULE
    Similiarly the DIN Rail must recognise the OFF signal only as OFF and not to change the state

    The signal on the S! input must take priority at all times ( ie I don’t want the on/off switch to switch off the pump while the heater is still working)

    Do you have any controller like a HUB or ISY94i?
    Or trying to do all this with must manual links and module option settings.
    It sounds like you need some intelligent control. To do this and I don't think manual is going to do what you want.