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    Nothing more annoying in forums than a newbie asking a zillion questions, all of which are covered with FAQs and a general place located as a starting point.

    So to breach my first annoyance!... I didn't see an FAQ dedicated for newbies to get a general understanding - can someone push me very firmly with a stick in the right direction? Apologies in advance!

    So, to introduce myself now I have lost half the regular readers for asking a Newbie question!... I am a qualified electrician (UK) with experience in CCTV and Home Security and I have never really had an interest in home automation. I get it, you can talk to things to make things happen, but with a 4yo I kinda had some of that... please go turn on the light etc...

    I am in the process of designing a house, which is going well and an architect is about to take over and do things properly now I have my ideas on paper and modelled. I am turning my thoughts to home automation now... my 4yo will soon be a stroppy teenager who doesn't want to turn my light on anymore, in fact, she is likely to not even acknowledge me soon I suppose!!!

    My automation requirements will be to be able to control internal and external lighting, power outlets, window security blinds up and down, garage door, security - in the way of external PIR to bring on lighting and I think that pretty much covers it.

    My wife, the boss!, will not be wanting remote controls for all this gadgetry so I will require the typical outlets and wall switches, most of which I have seen on the Insteon website, so I am fairly confident Insteon can cater to my needs.

    So am I right in thinking I can wire in some control in my main Distribution Board (aka Electrical panel, consumer unit) and for more local control I can use the small inline modules local to the light fitting or socket outlet for on/off and dimming control (not on the sockets of course!)

    I believe, from another Newbie post I just read, I will need an ISY. Am I right in thinking that even if the internet to the property is disconnected or fails for any reason, the Insteon system will continue to work? This appears to be an advantage Insteon has over Sonoff?

    Also, if there is an external power failure, do I have to reprogramme everything or are all the setting maintained in the ISY or somewhere else?

    Hmm I think that just about covers my requirements at this stage, whilst I research IF a smart home is a way I wish to go? I think at this stage it is and I am prepared to pay the right amount of money to get the best setup I can afford at this stage, I also wish to future proof and allow for additions later in time of course.

    Thank you again in advance for any feedback and direction offered. Also if there are any pitfalls I should be aware of, I would rather avoid them in the design stage!


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    If you are in the UK.
    There will be a problem with the 2413S PLM that interfaces the ISY-994i to the power lines. It is strictly 120VAC 60 Cycles and uses the Insteon RF frequency of 915MHz.
    The UK Insteon RF frequency is not 915MHz. It is 869.85MHz.

    The ISY994i does have the programs in it and the Insteon Modules do have the Links in them. So a power failure should not loose everything.

    Some of the Insteon switches have universal power supplies. So power wise they would be OK. Form and fit for the UK electrical boxes would be an issue and being Dual Band again incorrect RF frequency.

    There are some European Insteon Modules that maybe still being sold.
    As an example here is a plug in.

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      Thank you BLH. I will consider your points when I try and work out what I am needing. I appreciate the feedback