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Outdoors Wireless Insteon IP Cameras? Are they any good?

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  • Outdoors Wireless Insteon IP Cameras? Are they any good?

    I am about 6 months new to Insteon and I really like the system. But I jumped in early I guess since cameras seem to be a limiting issue. I've noticed there are some "close-out" Insteon IP cameras out there but it seems Insteon isn't supporting them as of 2016. Are the Outdoor WiFi cameras any good? Thanks

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    Insteon Outdoor Wi-Fi HD IP Camera, 1280x720, 30fps, 66' IR Night Vision Range, H.264, MJPEG - This is the one I was looking at. Anyone own one of these?


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      The model # denotes it as an outdoor HD camera but the last selling version was white not silver. The silver models were only around for the SD versions and a short time with HD when they first came out so you might want to verify with the seller.

      The outdoor cameras are ok. If you need an outdoor camera and have to have it work inside your Hub app you do not have very many options. If you are ok with using a different app then I would look at the Wyze cameras. Less expensive, feature packed and easy to use.


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        Thanks. Wasn't sure if I shld jump in or later look elsewhere. I will take a look