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    Insteon Scene misfires
    Limitation: Due to the limited timing options available i.e. cannot reuse the same time in a different scene. Therefore only1 set time (I.E. 7:00 am, 8:00am, 7:02AM or using dawn / dusk) can be used in any one scene programmed, Since you can NOT reuse the same time in a different scene my

    Work around: I have set various scenes I want activated early in the morning while still dark (kitchen low lights) or during the day (family room background soffit lighting) or early evening as it gets dark (living room medium lighting) to be activated at specific times, i.e. on at 7:01 pm off at 10:30 PM for the family room and on at 7:02pm off at 11:00pm for another, etc. Always using different times seperated by several minutes.

    Problem: As I add more devise (current count 72) I am incorporating those into the scenes and at times reassigning some devices from one scene to another scene as appropriate – I am finding that some reassigned or new devices do NOT activate at the new scheduled time - even though I have entered them into the scene. More puzzling when activating the scene manually from the android app they do go on - BUT they do not respond to the new scene time schedule. I have factory reset some of the switches and that alleviated some of the issues with the reassigned switches but not the revised schedule time issue with the existing switches in the scene. For example: I added a poster wall of floods to the picture light scene and then changed the schedule for the picture light scene. After factory reset of the poster wall switch it obeys the new programmed picture scene BUT the picture lights still turn off the old scheduled time. Now when I activate the scene from the android app all lights come on and go off as they should.

    Any thoughts? Also, any thoughs of a better way to set schedules using the same time for multiple scenes but still preserves a unique name for each scene that is being scheduled.
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