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    New to the forum and somewhat new to insteon. I am an electrician by trade, and have been installing Insteon for an IT company, but never handled the programming.
    I have installed 40- 6 button key pads and another 10 =2477 dimmers through out a house and purchased a Universal Devices ISY 994iZpro to control them. After adding all the scenes needed to make everything work properly, i would now like to add the ability to run the isy from my smart phone and Alexa Hub, then hand off to the end user/homeowner.
    What would be the easiest app for the owner to add and operate? I have seen lots of options, and just trying to find a simple solution.

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    Youay want to ask this question on the ISY forums as you'll find more users there.

    In my opinion it depends on what phone your customer is using. If Apple (or a mixture of apple and Android), then mobilinc. If they use Android exclusively, I would go with Agave as that is the best app for the Android platform.


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      The UDI Wiki is also full of great information.