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Insteon+ no longer recognizes Hub Pro

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  • Insteon+ no longer recognizes Hub Pro

    I've had my Insteon Hub pro for about 6 months, so its not that old. I've lost connection a couple of times, other posts for that. Seems to be a problem. This time, insteon+ app does not recognize the Hub Pro. So I decided to reset everything. So I deleted the Hub from Insteon+ and start over. When trying to setup the Hub again. The app cannot find Hub at all.

    It looks like the hub is working, the lights are green and it is network cables are normal. I read in another post that Apple is no longer support insteon as they are no longer listed as HomeKit accessories on Apples site. This just happened after recent iOS update. Cant tell if Hub is broken.

    What is going on? Anyone else experiencing complete loss of Hub Pro?

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    More detail: After a factory reset. I receive a message that says "Couldn't Add Hub Pro. Home couldnt connect to this accessory" Then a dismiss button.


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      What is a Hub Pro?


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        It’s the hub for Apple HomeKit.


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          After you reset your hub you deleted the key that connects it to your apple keychain account. You'll have to reset your account as well. Pretty much start from a clean slate.


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            Resetting key chain did not work.