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"How to fix unresponsive dimmers?"

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    "How to fix unresponsive dimmers?"

    My 2486D 6-button local dimmers become unresponsive after a few years. Pushing the buttons doesn't trigger any response, even the non-communicating local dimmer buttons. The durability appears to be an issue. Any fix? Last attempt to dismantle a non-working 2486D echat didn't go well. Suggestions?
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    Unfortunately, durability does seem to be a known issue with this model. Here are some suggestions:

    Before dismantling:
    • Reset the dimmer: Try the official reset procedure outlined in the Lutron manual. Sometimes, a simple reset can resolve glitches.
    • Check wiring: Ensure all connections are secure and tight. Loose wiring can cause erratic behavior.
    • Contact Lutron support: They might offer troubleshooting tips or replacement options, depending on the age of your dimmers and warranty status.

    If dismantling is your last resort:
    • Proceed with caution: Dimmer circuits can contain high voltage and require expertise to handle safely. Consider seeking professional help if you're not comfortable.
    • Focus on common failure points: Look for burnt components, loose solder joints, or corrosion on the circuit board. Replacing these might revive the dimmer, but requires technical knowledge.
    • Consider safety first: Even if you fix the dimmer, its long-term reliability might be compromised. Replacing it with a newer, more durable model might be a safer and more sustainable solution.