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Hub Model 2242-222

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    Hub Model 2242-222

    Please, I bought a long time ago an Insteon Hub Model: 2241-222
    I no longer have the password for it, and do I need it to reinstall? how do I reset the password to have another password?
    Thank you.

    I am assuming this is a 2242-222 Hub. I'm not familiar with a 2241-222 model. I do not see enough info here to advise whether or not it needs to be reset.

    There is a password reset option at the login screen of the 'Insteon for Hub' app, or you can go to: and click on the forgot password link there.

    If you do not remember the email address used on that unit you can take a picture of the bottom of the Hub, so you can see the ID, and send that to: requesting the email address used on the unit so you can update the password.

    If this is not a 2242 or 2245 model please update the group.