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Motion Sensor revert to dim when no motion

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    Motion Sensor revert to dim when no motion

    I'm trying to figure out the best way (if possible) to set up lights on a dimmer to revert back to a dim state after motion stops. I've got 3 can lights next to a gate on a 2477 dimmer, programmed in a scene that turns on to 15% at sunset. Those lights ramp up to 100% if motion detected, but after the countdown timer, they turn off. I would like them to go back to 15%. Motion controller is an Insteon Motion Sensor II, with programming through a HUB.

    How can I get the lights to ramp back down to 15% at the end of the countdown timer, instead of turning off?

    Two options. Option one, you would need to use an ISY and program instead of directly linking the motion sensor to the lights. The motion sensor can only toggle one scene on and off, it cannot control a second scene natively, so you’d use the ISY program to translate between the off command and an on at 15%.

    Option 2: install a second dimmer in parallel with the 2477. Turn the second dimmer on to 15% at dusk. Don’t link the motion sensor to it, control it with the timed scene only.