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Insteon Hub with Alexa in Canada

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  • Insteon Hub with Alexa in Canada

    When do you think, the skill for Alexa (Echo Plus) will be avalable for Canada ?

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    There are recent posts about this already. You would need to contact Amazon as insteon does not control Anson skills releases


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      I've contacted both Amazon Canada and Insteon and all they say is it is being worked on. I have a bunch of Insteon light switches and lamp/appliance modules and got my Echo and Dot working with them by changing my location to the US. I mainly use Alexa to control the lights and play music, so it is really just an annoyance that this skill doesn't work in Canada. If I want the weather for where I live, I just need to state the city and province I live in.

      I did need to reset my Echo and set it up again using an account associated with a valid US address rather than an account. Once I did this I was able to enable the Insteon skill and get it working. Hope that helps you until this skill is available in Canada.


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        Info only: Insteon can only state what Amazon tells them. Insteon has no control of what Amazon actually does. But they do have a bit of influence ;)
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