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Hub2 control of 2477S causes load to blink on or off.

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  • Hub2 control of 2477S causes load to blink on or off.

    I have a hub2 controlling two external on/off switches and several dimmer modules. Once I got the phases and extenders set up it works properly.
    I want to add a 2477S switch. When I tried the android app failed (see below)
    I've tried the following without solving the problem:
    I performed a factory reset.and got the long tone.
    I added the device using the android app.
    Control of the load (an incandescent light) using the paddles is OK.
    The app reads the status of the load correctly.
    If the load is on and I try to turn it off using the app, I can hear the relay click and the load blinks off briefly but then turns back off.
    Similarly if the load is off and I turn it on using the app, the load blinks on briefly.
    After about 4 minutes the switch buzzes.The behavior is unchanged.
    I've tried this with two different switches with the same result.

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    What's the load that you're controlling? It sounds like it's causing some type of interference


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      It's a 60W incandescent light.
      If I disconnect the light, I can hear the relay click when I operate the switch with the paddle. The LEDs indicate the load status. If the LEDs indicate on (upper LED is on) and I command it OFF the relay clicks and the Off LED (the bright lower one that also serves as a status lidicator) flashes briefly and then goes off. The status indicator on the app reads the same on/off state as the steady state of the LEDs, that is it does not follow the app control.


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        Update. I have a second switch. It exhibits the same behavior.