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Problems with Scenes Using Sunset

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    Ok, I am just "throwing this out there"...

    Hypothetically, if I set up a scene called "sunrise" and schedule it to turn ON at sunrise with one (1) member device let's say a lamp to turn ON, then create another scene called "sunset" and schedule it to OFF at sunset with the same one (1) device, the same lamp to turn OFF. At sunrise, the scene "sunrise" turns ON and the lamp turns ON. At sunset, the scene "sunset" turns OFF and the lamp turns OFF. The next morning at sunset, is the scene "sunset" still turned "ON" and so the ON signal is never sent to the lamp device?

    ‚ÄčIn other words, if a scene is only programmed to turn ON, can another scene cancel the previous scene (turn it OFF)? Or does one scene need to be turned ON and then OFF in order to not interfere with another scene?

    I am confused...


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      I'm having a similar problem. I want to turn off a lamp at sunrise. When I'm setting up the scene and choose Sunrise the time displayed on the bottom of the dialog is 16:46AM. Does this make sense to anyone? 4:46 AM sounds about right this time of year, but that is not when the lamp goes off. The lamp is off when I come home from work after 5:00 PM or should I say 17:00AM? I believe the Hub has a problem telling time. Is there anything I can do, or do I need to go back to my old X10 system?


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        Remarkable I have the same problem in 2017! Guess this sunset issues has never been resolved.