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Keypad buttons with Stringify

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    Originally posted by lilyoyo1 View Post

    You're right, that was too far and I apologize for it. The advice still holds true however. He is treated like he is for a reason that you are seeing for yourself.
    No worries, I can see what has happened here. A bit of a history here with back and forth, and I realize we should all move forward! amen!


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      I want to control my hue scenes with a different keypad button because I already have an all lights scene tied to main on/off with stringify to control hue accordingly. This would be great however, I do realize the security problems this would invoke, so I guess I'm stuck. Yes stuck with having to get down and dirty with homeseer. The plan is to not rely on maintaining another computer just to have more problems. I know Ive been a pain but I think we all want the future to be now.


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        Press a button and have the button indicate what button was pressed and also send its commands makes sense to me. Stringify is a partner apparently filling some gaps for some users and Stringify could do better if the button pressed is identified. Sounds like a good idea to me.