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    The nest protect (the smoke/carbon alarm) is a really good product. Now that they've added the thermostat support, any news on adding the nest protect to the Insteon hub?

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    I would love to see the Nest Protect supported by Insteon.


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      Ditto here. I have two installed.


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        Now it is 2017. There is integration with the Nest thermostat, the thermostat and protects talk to each other too. Why not integrate with a smoke bridge or equivalent module to turn on lights when an alarm goes off? This would be so useful!


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          I believe that the Smoke Bridge can do that. Create a scene with the bridge as a controller.
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            That only appears to be true if you have first alert detectors. All lights on in the event of a fire would be incredibly beneficial should a night time evacuation be necessary. I don't see how Insteon is dropping the ball on this.