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Backup/Restore of Insteon Hub

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  • Backup/Restore of Insteon Hub

    My hub recently went out and while Insteon support was great and sent me a new one, I still had to register all of my devices again and set up all of my scenes again. Not fun! I think it would be FANTASTIC if I could backup or export my hub configuration and then, restore/import that configuration into a new hub. No more manually entering everything again. No more trying to remember how all of your scenes worked, etc. Everything dies eventually but a hub dieing doesn't have to be catastrophic.
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    This I agree with. While easy, it's a tedious process made unbearable with large installs.


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      The Hub app would have to go through a substantial rewrite to do it well. The current apps don’t have any link database editing capabilities, they rely on a ‘remote set button push’ feature to create or delete links. The app can’t do that if the original Hub is broken. You could create new links to the new Hub with the backup data, but there would be no way to remove broken links to the old Hub from all your other modules.

      IMHO, the easiest solution here is to use their Hub repair service instead of replacing the unit.


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        It is definitely a great idea. I'd love to be able to back up my configuration to the cloud. I'll pass the suggestion to the developers, albeit I'm sure this is a feature they are aware of.


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          Been asking for this for years


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            I came here to research this exact topic. This is the second time I’ve had a hub die and it’s really unacceptable that there’s not an easier way to deal with this. I happen to have a backup hub, but the idea of having to go back and re-program every load and scene is beyond frustrating.

            I’ve been so-so on the Insteon solution the entire time...but I’ve kept investing by adding more controllers. I think I may go research current alternatives before I waste the time to set this up again.


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              Check with tech support. Last I heard, they were running a repair program on the 2245 Hub that would fix and return your Hub. Or, if you are handy with a soldering iron, there are also DIY instructions here in the forum. Either way, then you don’t have to reprogram anything.
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