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  • Edit bad links in Scenes?

    After being forced to change email address(used for my hub account) by my ISP, I had to reset my whole Insteon environment (51 devices and 18 scenes on a Hub 2245-222), and setup a new account. I spoke with tech support first and asked if I needed to delete everything out and reset the hub first. He said "No, just delete the account, create a new one and re-add all the devices and scenes". Well there was a problem. Apparently there are still scenes in the hub, tied to the old account, and when I created new ones that use the same group number as the old ones, strange things happen. Devices that are not part of the new scene trigger. I guess they are still associated with the old account, and have the same group number. I knew I should have done a full wipe and reset. But rather than spend another weekend re-doing it, I was looking for tips to edit the scenes and remove the bad links. Supposedly HomeLinc could do that but it doesnt work with the Hub 2245-222, and is not being updated. Is there any other software that will do that, will HomeLinc work on a 2245 hub with a USB PowerLinc modem? Or do I need to buy an ISY device (and will that allow me to edit the bad scene links?)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Unfortunately, the best solution is to factory reset each device and start over.
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      Ugh! I was hoping there was a better way. For now I've labeled those Scene/Groups as "Do Not Use", and created new scenes with higher numbered groups. Guess I'll save the full reset for another day. Thanks!