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Only 2 Fanlinc speeds

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  • Only 2 Fanlinc speeds

    My fanlinc will only turn on 2 speeds. Medium and fast works but slow is dead. Chain is on high and light works fine. Any chance it's a bad module? Tried both the app and 6-button keypad. Ideas?

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    Is this a new problem and originally the Fanlinc did all three speeds or a new setup that never had all three speeds?
    I have seen threads here and on the UDI Forums where originally working setups would start acting incorrectly. Like only some speeds now work or fan motor now hums.


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      The next step is a PITA and that's trying a factory reset which must be done at the FanLinc itself. I don't call it a solution because it may or may not work. You may also need to recreate the scenes/links.

      IMO, if it's still under warranty, then RMA the device.
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