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Phantom and Old Programming issues

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  • Phantom and Old Programming issues

    This is more like 2 issues.
    I recently replaced two of my 2466sw's with a couple of 2477s'. I did this for astetics and for the dual band in the 2477's. One controls my front porch light, the other controls the front entry light.

    The 1st issue i have is that when i use my Echo Dot and tell it to turn "inside devices" (i have them in a scene) off, it also turns off my Front Porch Switch, which is not in said scene. Any body else ever experiance this? or have a possible solution? A little info on this one, both switches are in the same junction box (as were the previous 2466's) and are both wired to the same Hot, Neuitral and Ground. The only things not common are the load lines.

    The second issue i have is with one of the 2466's. I moved the former Front Porch light switch to my daughters bedroom. I removed the device from it's scenes (they were setup to turn on at dusk, turn off at sunset, etc, 3 scenes in all, my reasons for that here is unimportant), deleted it from my account, then un-installed and reinstalled in it's new location and set it back up. This switch however is still turning on with my night scenes at their programed times. Any Resolution for this?

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    The Echo Dot retains the device/scene unless you select Forget for each scene and/o device that you change. The best procedure it to remove the device from all Hub scenes, then forget the scenes in Alexa. Then start anew.
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      Yes i had done that... But it makes no sense that a device that was NEVER part of "Inside Devices" turns on an off with it...

      As for the second issue, i think i got that resolved with factory reset.


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        Have you tried a factory reset on the switch you installed for the front porch light? Also, does this problem occur when you manually turn off your inside devices scene from within the app or is it only when you're triggering the scene from your Echo?


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          Seems there's no diagnostic software yet


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            Homeseer plugins are good for now