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Alexa Integration Issues?

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  • Alexa Integration Issues?

    Is anyone else experiencing issues with Alexa-Insteon integration lately? I've had mine up and working perfectly since it was first released. Over the past week or so, when I ask Alexa to turn on a device, it replies with "The Insteon Hub that the <device> is connected to is not responding. Please check the Insteon Hub". When this happens, I am able to control all Insteon devices using the IOS app, so I know the hub is working. I've even moved the hub to different network/power connections. No change. After an hour or so, the Alexa integration starts working again, on its own. Very frustrating. I'm sure its the Alexa-Insteon cloud integration, but I wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this.

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    Yeah it seems to lose connectivty a lot lately 2245-222 hub w alexa. Esp notable if reboot router.

    Workaround i found to reconnect is in alexa app go to smarthome devices and do a search for new devices seems to get things going

    i think insteon is overcapacity and their servers must time out due to too many requests at once