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  • Current state of Insteon Hub Pro


    I currently have a significant investment in Apple Homekit products. When I saw information about Insteon Hub Pro I was encouraged given the large catalog of Insteon devices. However, the initial reviews from 2015 were very negative, both in terms of firmware code quality as well as the set of supported Insteon devices. My question is whether the state of affairs has changed significantly on both fronts? I have found Homekit products to be much more stable now so I hope this translates to the Insteon Hub Pro being more stable, but I am still very worried about investing in this solution with such a limited set of supported devices (the only list of supported devices I can find is from 2015). I certainly do not want to invest in something that Insteon is not actively developing.

    Thank you

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    Nothing beyond this list is currently supported. The list is based on what Apple allows.
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      If I could do it again, I would invest my money in other HomeKit devices for the time being. All of my other HomeKit devices work error-free 95% of the time, but it's a flip of the coin with all the insteon switches and fanlincs as far as reliability and functionality is concerned. I keep holding out hope that the engineers at Insteon will figure out some firmware to get the hub working the way it was intended to function.


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        stay away from insteon and especially the hub pro, its all garbage. The hub pro is so buggy! Yesterday is the second time now that my hub pro has just lost all my switches, it's the second time i've had to re add all my switches. Im not doing it again, im moving house soon and too embarrassed to even tell the new buyers i have "home automation", as far as the new buyer is concerned they will be nice looking switches...


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          I too have invested a lot of money, maybe over 1k at this point in Insteon gear and the Hub Pro. My reliability has been great actually, better than with Hue Lights (weekly one bulb fails to turn off or on when setting a scene).

          Actually I have 2 requests to make Insteon perfect for me and many others:

          1) Support HomeKit’s “group” command, once you control more than 10 devices in one bridge, Apple/HomeKit will send one large grouped command vs 10+ individual ones. If you get a “No response” error and are controlling a lot of switches (like all off at night) this is why.

          2) Expose your Keypads as programmable switches to HomeKit. Please! This has been part of HomeKit for over 6 months. Philips Hue is releasing this in August. This enables an Insteon keypad buttons to trigger a HomeKit scene. Ideally in some sort of togglable way.

          A third would just be keeping up with new devices supported by HomeKit. But give me those two above, things would be so awesome. I have 4 Keypads now that are basically worthless. At one time the HK page on Insteon said they buttons on the would be eventually supported, not sure if it does anymore.

          I have noticed Insteon isn’t on Apple’s HomeKit page anymore which is a bit concerning.

          Any thoughts Insteon?