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How lame that the insteon+ app still doesnt work

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  • How lame that the insteon+ app still doesnt work

    Bought a new Homekit hub and tried to set it up last week, can't sign in, says the email or password is wrong. I know it's not as it works in the other insteon app and via web. It's now been 8 days and it still doesnt work, called tech support and vaguely understood from the tech that it's a known issue and that there is no estimated time to fix. Love that I dropped over 200 on the new hub and the garage sensor to not be able use it at all.

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    Just because a login works in one place is no guarantee that it'll work in another. Ask support to reset your Hub and post that result.
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      Already did that, I called them and they acknowledged there is a problem with the app.


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        Same here.
        i reallt dont understand why such a big company as insteon cant fix this


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          Could not agree more. I just ordered Chamberlain's MyQ Home Bridge which is Homekit compatible. It was only $50 so you might want to consider that instead? I've had the Homekit enabled Insteon Hub Pro for a little less than a year and upon installing everything customer support told me the app doesn't work and I should use Homekit instead. I wasn't terribly disappointed because I wanted to use Homekit anyway. However, what is disappointing is the fact they advertise the product using the Insteon + app and yet you can't even use it. That all being said, minus a few hiccups a reboot couldn't handle I've been pretty happy with it so far.


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            It should work now. Somebody at Insteon deactivated the apps API key by accident as they thought it was being used maliciously and didn’t check if it belonged to any of their own apps.