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iOS 10 Incorrect and or "No Response" Status in Home App

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    Here Here cchiera !
    I've been following this thread for a while now, and been dealing with this issue since I got my hub back in 2015. In the last few weeks I was corresponding with support, following all their instructions, and once it couldn't be resolved, they just stopped responding.
    Let's keep this thread alive.


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      Yes for a while Insteon certainly was trying to be helpful though went through countless things where it was clear they didn't initially believe it was their fault. They did eventually admit it was on their end, but that is of little joy to us as customers, since we want Insteon to succeed and we don't want to blame anyone. We just want the products to work as promised. Sure many of us want more, that is more features and improvements like have the scenes wall buttons support HomeKit scenes and Sonos, but before we can ask for all that, we need to make sure at least it works properly first, which it currently does not. Other players in the space have much better ratings and work great with Apple HomeKit. However, currently no other provide offers everything Insteon does, or as seamless and customizable hardware as Insteon does.

      I will certainly keep this thread alive but from my experience Insteon doesn't monitor these threads and this could be 100 pages long and most likely wouldn't change their stance on HomeKit or resolving a particular bug. Where is posting frequently and politely on Twitter tagging Insteon publicly is more likely to get results as well as writing reviews on Amazon, Facebook and everywhere else since that affects there business. But just be sure to be honest and as unbiased as possible. The downside being they already have 1 star reviews most everywhere so if they continue to not gain new customers they will most likely eventually completely drop the HomeKit Hub all together leaving us all stranded with this issue and all the others on this forum.

      Will let you know if I uncover anything helpful!


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        Update - Heard back from Insteon on Twitter with some helpful responses.

        1. They confirmed the update that is in the works is an "app update" not a firmware update. This maybe a bit disappointing to those on this thread, as presumably any improvements to the app won't help the HomeKit experience / Home App experience. But at least will help resolve issues for people still using that 2015 app.

        2. While this No Response issue has been going on since Sept 2016 when I first noticed it during the initial beta of iOS Home app, and up until now Insteon has not provided any solutions for the No Response issue... they now via twitter have posted a reason. They say that if you have more than 10 devices (which I assume is most of us), we have about 40+ for all the outlets/switches... that Apple uses a Group CMD to update the devices. And Insteon currently does not support that. So while the tweet was light on details that would make sense, why when some people don't experience the issue (those with only a few devices) as well as overtime when I try starting fresh it seems to work for a bit but then starts happening (aka after I've added the first 10 devices).

        Presumably they will need to release a firmware update to fix that group command issue. Where it's been almost a year, and they are currently have no new firmware in beta (only app), it sounds like this issue won't be resolved anytime soon. It maybe that Apple has some sort of restriction that makes it harder for Insteon to support the 10+ devices issue. Other vendors don't seem to have this problem, but I imagine if it were easy they would have resolved it in the past year.

        So while sadly no closer to a resolution on this, glad to know they at least know the reason for the issue which hopefully means there will eventually be a resolution by them, or a change by Apple to make it easier for them. Or of course people can switch to Lutron's highly rated switches. The downside being no scene wall options or outlet options. Leviton is also coming out with a HomeKit option but still doesn't offer the wide array of options as Insteon.

        So let's all hope Insteon resolves these bugs, so we don't all have to eventually take the thousands spent as a loss and start from scratch with a new company once they have a larger offering. Remaining optimistic that Insteon will pull through!


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          Thanks for all the work on finding a solution for both of these issues. I guess it's time to start replacing some of my Insteon wall switches with the Leviton Decor Smart HomeKit switches and see if getting the switch count under 10 will help with the "no response". I've already replace the Insteon plug in switches with other brand HomeKit plug in switches.


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            I just saw a new update of the Insteon+ app appear in the App Store.


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              TFitzpatri8. Just saw the new public update as well, but alas this will not address the Home app No Response issue of this thread.

              The updated app seems to only addresses the App Crashing issuing that has been happening when a person enables certain schedules in Home <>. Based on the release notes, to resolve that, they decided to take the easier approach and simply remove the feature completely from the app (thus stop the crashing) and require users to use Home app for automations, and thus drop support for iOS9 since Home app requires iOS10. Based on the the release notes there are no other improvements to the app, other than dropping support for both of the items to stop the crashing.

              For the No Response issue of this thread, according to Insteon Twitter Support, it's because if you have more than 10 insteon devices like most of us, apple requires a special group command for HomeKit, which Insteon doesn't yet support according to Insteon. So we will have to wait for a firmware update with support for that special group command for everyone who has more than 10 insteon devices. I don't believe there is currently any time table on when or if that will occur so for people with more than 10 devices who need them working now with the no response issue, they may have to look into alternatives to Leviton or such. But hopefully there will be a firmware update before then since there is a lot to love about insteon hardware.


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                I haven't seen any update to Apple's Home app, where that problem appears until you tap over to Rooms, wait for a device to update, then back to Home.

                The Insteon+ app was just updated. Like Home, that's an alternative you can use Insteon+ to control compatible Insteon gear as well as other HomeKit-compatible equipment. Other alternative HomeKit apps exist as well, and they don't seem to have the device number limitations that Apple Home does.

                At the moment, if I want to use Apple's Home app for control, I tap over to Rooms and give it a second to update status. My first room only has one device in it, so status updates quickly. When I flip back to Home, then Home shows device status for all my Favorite devices.
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                  Well, I've eliminated a large number of Insteon devices, all plug in's and many wall switches, replacing wall units with the new Leviton HomeKit switches and dimmers. Once I got down to 12 master Insteon devices paired to the Hub Pro, the "no response" issue disappeared.

                  Finally, after almost a year of IOS 10 beta and final code, the Apple IOS Home app is functioning as it should, and works on the Apple watch too. What a relief. The Leviton devices are very nice with screw terminals, but need a special slave switch for 3-way circuits. I bought 6 dimmers and 6 switches, first from Amazon, now the local Home Depot has them in stock too.

                  I still hope that the Hub Pro's firmware gets updated to fix the issue, and devices I pulled can be put back in service.


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                    ha2020 I have 40-50 devices so to get down to about 10 devices would mean getting rid of most all the switches and outlets which spent several thousands on last year. Been hoping Insteon will issue a software fix, but after another year I like most will most likely need to finally cut our massive losses and move on to another company as you have done. At that point where we will have spent several thousand on new devices at new company certainly wouldn't ever have a reason to return to Insteon even if they ever do release a firmware fix. Looking at Twitter they have tweets that its coming soon (from a couple years ago, and every few months say the same). I see a tweet saying will be delayed to second week of May but never came it appears.

                    Leviton looks hopeful, however they don't offer built in wall outlets yet. And more importantly they don't have 6/8 scene switches yet and they don't have a homekit connected switch yet for dealing with connected lights like Hue and Lifx.

                    Hopefully in another year or two, there will be some solid options to choose from.


                    • I am following this thread, and was hoping that this would be resolved with iOS11. Apparently not. Now I am regretting going "all in" after a successful Insteon trial run. Any word on if they've totally dropped supporting iOS since it has been years since a real update? I've been holding off ripping them all out and returning them because it would be a pain but now I'm afraid they won't take them back because they are beyond the return date even though the issue has existed from the start.