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Washing machine monitoring?

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  • Washing machine monitoring?

    Can the syncholinc be used to Activate the door bell or a light (with the hub)?
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    Most modern washing machines run the gamut from high power usage (agitating) to medium power usage (filling, spinning) to low power usage (changing cycles). You'll have to set the SynchroLinc to differentiate between the lowest usage and off.

    Unless you know (measured) the specific current draw, the SynchroLinc requires that you teach it while in use as described in the Owner's Manual.
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      As Stu mentioned. The new model washing machines use varied amount of power during the washing cycle.
      I have seen the Mamac CT-800 current sensor used in automation projects. It has a minimum current sensing of 1/2 Amp. So it may work triggering an I/OLinc. With its dry contact output.